Frequently Asked Questions

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 What is DISH Remote Access?

With DISH Remote access, you can browse program listings and record to your DVR from anywhere! Connect your ViP® DVR to your home's broadband and experience even more features, including complete access and management of your DVR from any Internet connection. Use your computer or iPhone™ to manage your DVR as if you were sitting in your living room!

 How much does it cost?

DISH Remote Access is free to DISH Network subscribers with a compatible DVR.

 Which DVRs are compatible with DISH Remote Access?

Compatible DVRs include the 522, 625, ViP® 612, ViP® 622, ViP® 722 and ViP® 722k. Connect a high speed internet connection into the back of your ViP-series receiver to experience even more DISH Remote Access features. For more information on how to connect your receiver to the internet, visit:

 How do I use DISH Remote Access?

To use DISH Remote Access, Visit and login to your online account. Select DISH Remote Access from the left hand side of the page.

 Who can use DISH Remote Access?

Anyone in the Continental U.S. with a qualifying receiver and DISH Network service can use DISH Remote Access. DISH Remote Access is currently unavailable to customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

 Can I use DISH Remote Access if I receive DISH Network through my phone company?

Yes, anyone with a qualified receiver and DISH Network programming can use DISH Remote Access. Visit to register.

 Can I use DISH Remote Access with my non-DVR receiver connected to an external hard drive?

No, DISH Remote Access does not support non-DVR receivers.

 Can I use my mobile device to use DISH Remote Access?

DISH Remote Access currently supports only an iPhone-optimized web interface. To use DISH Remote Access, point the Safari browser on your iPhone to You must first access DISH Remote Access at least once from your PC, prior to using your iPhone. A standalone iPhone app is not currently available.

 Will other mobile devices be supported?

DISH Remote Access will support other phone platforms in the near future. Check back often for a list of compatible phones, PDAs, media players, and other mobile devices.

 Program Guide

 What shows are in NOW?

NOW is everything that you can watch now. This means everything on your DVR (for IP connected receivers only) and currently playing on live TV. In order to watch content on your computer or mobile phone, your ViP receiver must be connected to a Slingbox. For more information on Slingbox, visit:

 How do I search the entire program guide?

Type in a search query, go to LATER and select EVERYTHING as your Filter. Your search query will search across the 9 days of the programming guide.

 What are "Clips"?

If a show on DISH Remote Access has "Clips" available, you can click on the link to watch additional excerpts and short features related to that show on A new browser will launch to easily allow you to navigate between DISH Remote Access and

 What are Filters and how do I use them?

Filters can be used in GRID, NOW, TODAY and LATER to refine your list of programming results. For example, this can be helpful to browse only MOVIES in TODAY, or COOKING in LATER. For more information on setting up Filters, see "How do I modify my Filters" below.

 How do I modify my Filters?

To add or remove Filters, click the "Edit" button next to the Filters list in GRID, NOW, TODAY or LATER. You will find a variety of Filters for Genres, Sports, Networks and Categories. To add a Filter, mark the checkbox next to the Filter's name. To remove a Filter, click the item in your active Filter list. An "X" will appear next to the Filter. Click the "X" to remove.

 DVR Manager

 Why can't I view and manage the content on my DVR?

If you do not have a ViP-series receiver connected to the internet, you will be unable to view the content on your DVR. To learn more about how to connect your receiver to the internet, visit:

 Why is the My DVR tab grayed out?

If the My DVR tab is grayed out, this means you have a Web-compatible receiver that is not currently connected to the internet. To learn more about how to connect your receiver to the internet, visit:

 Why aren't all the shows I recorded listed under My DVR?

Make sure "HD Content Only" is unchecked. Also, clear out any Search terms and select Refresh Content.

 Why aren't my edits or deletions reflected in My DVR?

Make sure you select Refresh to refresh the view and give DISH Remote Access a minute to catch up.

 How can I delete multiple shows?

DISH Remote Access has a simple tool to manage deletion of individual shows or an entire series of recordings in a few clicks. Go to MY DVR and click on the "Manage Disk Space" button. Place a checkmark next to individual shows or an entire series to mark for deletion. When you are done, click DELETE SELECTED and the shows will be erased from your DVR.

 Can I protect a recording?

This option currently is not available in DISH Remote Access.

 Where are my OTA channels?

In some cases, you may not find all your over-the-air (OTA) channels listed in DISH Remote Access.

 Can I specify recordings to use Tuner 1 or Tuner 2?

If your qualified receiver is connected to the internet and is set to Dual mode, click on Preferences, then Receivers, then Receiver Settings to switch between TV1 and TV2. If your receiver is connected to a Slingbox, this means you can watch content regardless of which TV output you use for your Slingbox installation.

 Can I access content on my external hard drive?

Yes, DISH Remote Access supports external hard drives with ViP receivers.

 Are my parental control locks activated through DISH Remote Access?

No, at this time this feature is not supported.

 How do I access multiple receivers?

You can easily switch between multiple receivers in DISH Remote Access from the pull down menu to the left of the date and time at the top of the page.

 Timers & Preferences

 How do I set an autotune timer?

This feature is not supported at this time.

 How many timers can I set?

If your receiver has a broadband connection, the number of timers you are allowed to set at any given time is unlimited. However, if your receiver is not connected to broadband, the capabilities are limited to five (5) timers within a 30 minute time span. Depending on whether you select "Record This" or "Record All", a single timer request can comprise of a single episode or multiple episodes of the same program on the same channel. A "Record All" request can also generate more than one multi-episode timer. When this happens you will be able to select which timer(s) you would like to schedule.

 What are Preferences?

Preferences are used by DISH Remote Access to improve and personalize guide results according to your individual tastes. To set your preferences, go to Preferences and click on the Genres, Sports, Networks, Content, Language, Ratings.

 What happens when I change the language preferences?

All programming in selected languages will be shown in your guide. If you wish to hide programming featuring a specific language, make sure that language is not selected.

 Can I manually change the start and stop times for a timer event?

Go to the My DVR tab and select Timers. Select the event you wish to change and adjust the Start Early and End Late options. You can change the default start and stop times for all events by going to the Preferences tab, clicking on Recordings and adjusting the Start Early and End Late options.

 Remote Viewing

 How can I watch my shows on a computer?

Currently, in order to watch your shows on your computer you must own a Slingbox and it must be connected to your ViP HD DVR Receiver. For more information on Slingbox, go to

 How do I add a Slingbox for use with DISH Remote Access?

Go to Preferences->Receivers->Add a Slingbox. You will need your Finder ID and password to complete the process. Your Slingbox Finder ID can be found by running the SlingPlayer application on your PC or Mac and selecting Help->About My Slingbox. The Finder ID is a 32 digit code.

 Which Internet browsers support watching shows from my Slingbox?

At this time, web-based support for SlingPlayer is available on PCs using Internet Explorer (IE) 6, 7 and 8 and Firefox 2 and 3.